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Run on 100 m/speed, fitness classes and competitions for children and parents at "The Biggest sport hour"

Saturday, on June 4th 2016, Bucharest hosted The biggest sports hour in Romania, event that has reached the 6th edition and is part of the national program “Sport is good”, powered by Dolce Sport and supported by Telekom Romania.

The biggest sports hour is a sports festival, accessible to everyone – from kids to grandparents, from amateur sportsmen to athletes, from simple lovers of outdoor exercises, to those who want to change their sedentary lifestyle and discover the benefits that sport brings to everyday life.

The event started at 9:00 and took place on Arch of Triumph National Rugby Stadium. The festival has three components:  

  • Free fitness classes for 12 hours, with the best trainers from Romania and abroad
  • The biggest relay on 100m, during 12 hours – event organized for the first time in Romania, with 100% charitable purpose
  • TriKids – special edition on the occasion of Child Day; contest for kids and families – cross, duathlon and family fun run

„We are happy that The biggest sports hour has become a tradition long awaited for by sports lovers. It is an event which Telekom Romania supports with enthusiasm and which gives us the opportunity to get involved in more humanitarian causes, besides promoting a healthy lifestyle. On June 4th we are waiting for everyone on the Arch of Triumph National Rugby Stadium, to support through this effort one of the event’s charitable causes”, said Ruxandra Voda, Communication Director, Telekom Romania group of companies.

The biggest sports hour – fitness classes

The 6th edition of the fitness and sports festival, which will take place on June 4th, in Bucharest, comes with a lot of new things and experiences for everyone who loves outdoor exercising. The program includes 12 hours full of on stage activities (between 9:00 and 21:00), in a specially arranged area on the grass of the National Rugby Stadium, among which we mention: Kangoo Dance, Steel Combat, Steel Tonic, Nirvana Fitness, Functional Movement, Yoga, Functional Training and many more. The entrance is free and will be subject to availability for each class.

The full program of the event is available on miscareafacebine.ro/clase, information platform dedicated to the campaign.

Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/240293633015876/

The biggest relay of 100m run/person in 12 hours

For 12 hours, the participants will have the opportunity to test their limits on a distance of 100m/speed. The start is at 9:00 and the last runner will finish the race at 21.00. The competition can be joined by any person who is at least 14 years old, and the race will be timed with electronic chips, which displays the result in real time. Moreover, for each participant who registers and runs 100 meters, Telekom Romania Foundation will donate 1 Euro / participant to the event’s charitable causes - Galantom, School of Values and Magicamp.

Persons who are interested can sign up for free on: http://miscareafacebine.ro/stafeta100m/#inscriere.

Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/2024830614409330/

TriKids – competition for kids and parents

The event is especially dedicated to kids and it has as objective the responsibility of children towards adopting a healthy life, in which sports, movement and healthy nutrition represent the main values that will help them develop in a harmonious way.

The sports event has three tests:

  • The Children Run – 330 meters run for kids aged 4 and 5, 660 meters (starts at 10:15) – 6–8 years old; 1 km (starts at 10:30) – 9-11 years old and 1 km (starts at 10:45) – 12-14 years old.
  • Kids with ages of 4 and 5 (starts at 11:15) and 6 and 8 (starts at 11:45) will start with a route of 0.33 km run, will continue with the bike race – 1 km and will finish the competition with a run of 0.33 km. For the categories 9-11 years (starts at 12:20), the run will be on a distance of 0.66 km x 2, and the riding will be on a distance of 1.5 km, and for the category of 12-14 years (starts at 13:00): 1 km run + 3 km bike + 1 km run.
  • Family Fun Run. The start will be at 13:45, and parents, together with their children, will hand over the relay on a route of 330 m.

The registration can be done on the official website: http://trichallenge.ro/trikids/inscriere/formular/.

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1603190983304409/.

The largest sport hour is a fitness and sport festival part of the “Sports is good” campaign powered by Dolce Sport and organized by Smartatletic, GetFit and Telekom Romania. Partners in the organization are the Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee and Dedeman. Hydration partners: Aqua Carpatica, Ciuc Natur Radler.       

The event continued in Brasov, on July 9th, and in Constanta, on August 6th.

Also as part of the project, Telekom Romania and S.U.P.R.A Association carried on the program “Emotions are not food” for 50 children with weight problems and their parents, in order to identify the emotions behind their weight imbalance, to recognize the overeating situations with emotional background and promote healthy mechanisms.    

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