Telekom Romania Foundation - certified to offer information and professional counselling services

Telekom Romania Foundation was accredited by the Ministry of Labor, Family, Social Protection and Elderly to provide information services and professional counseling.

Thus, the Telekom Romania Foundation offers specialized support to those concerned about choosing and changing a job, identifying the appropriate specialization, adapted to the new market requirements and any other questions related to professional matters.

The foundation targets young people and adults in search of a professional identity, those with disabilities, who came from the social system, people who want to change jobs, vocational disadvantaged groups, immigrants, persons released from prison in search of a job, unemployed, stayed-at-home people who are looking for a job.

Engaging participants in self-employment and business, Telekom Romania Foundation's representatives wish to analize the personality traits, skills, abilities, motivations and experience, in order to identify further development opportunities for those involved in the program.

The identification of the needs, skills and competence is achieved through specialized questionnaires, worksheets, SWOT analysis and individual counseling records.

On the counseling and training area, the Foundation collaborates with Pacurar Anda, a psychotherapist with over 11 years experience, certified by the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP).

In addition to certification in counseling and vocational guidance, Telekom Romania Foundation was accredited by the same Ministry for training programs on IT skills, entrepreneurship, social and civic areas.

Since 2008, Telekom Romania Foundation developed and implemented various social, humanitarian, educational, environmental and campaigns for victims of natural disasters. In 2015, the Foundation has developed the "Together for Romanians" fundraising campaign and claimed 40,000 Euro for eight projects submitted by non-governmental organizations.

More information about the Telekom Romania Foundation are available here.


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