Telekom Romania Foundation launches the “Together for Romanians” crowdfunding campaign

  • Eight organizations will be supported to raise the necessary funds for developing their projects
  • The projects registered on Telekom Romania Foundation’s website cover several areas of interest, such as education, social protection and environment

During October 5th - December 5th, 2015, Telekom Romania Foundation organizes the “Together for Romanians” crowdfunding campaign which aims at supporting 8 organizations to develop projects that are addressing some of the most important social matters in the Romanian society.

„We start our program with a fundraising method available to all Romanians. We are confident that through solidarity we will succeed in making a contribution together, so that all projects will be developed. It is enough for 20,000 Romanians to donate 2 Euros each and the eight projects reported as relevant by Romanians will become reality. Through a small effort, but together, we can contribute and improve  the society we live in”, states Ruxandra Voda, member of Telekom Romania Foundation’s board.

The 8 projects registered in the crowdfunding campaign are the following:

  1.  “A mom for me, too” of Bambini in Emergenza Foundation – the project aims at identifying a “mother” for 20 children (foster parent), who would treat them with affection and provide for them a healthy and harmonious education;
  2. “Recycle you phone in educational purposes!” of EcoStuff Association – the project draws attention to the importance of small waste selective collection through a non-conventional mobile phone throwing sports competition which will be held in Timisoara outdoor and addresses all age categories;
  3. “The development of children suffering from autism” project belonging to Horia Moţoi Association aims at improving social and imitation abilities of children suffering from autism, through games;
  4. “Be VoluKom – Voluntary for a KOMplete world” of Hospice Casa Speranţei organization – the projects aims at increasing the community’s awareness on the palliative caring needs of children and adults suffering from incurable diseases from Brasov county;
  5. “Each child in kindergarten, PRESENT through technology” of OvidiuRo Association – it is a pilot project of real time electronic monitoring of the children’s presence coming from disadvantaged areas, by providing electronic tablets to kindergartens from 11 counties targeted by the program. The system is based on a presence monitoring application specially developed for the project. The “Each child in kindergarten” program brings to kindergarten the poorest children from 43 rural Romanian communities, changing their future;
  6. “The Recycling Patrol”, the national environment education belonging to RoRec Association aims at developing and distributing the DEEECollect free application. DEEECollect will help those who want to get rid of their old electric devices and will support thousands of pupils and teachers’ efforts of promoting electric and electronic waste responsible collection (DEEE);
  7. “There is no excuse for abuse” belonging to Touched Romania Association aims at raising the community’s awareness on the family abuse phenomenon’s size and effects and helping at least 20 domestic violence victims overcome the crisis situation they face, find a safe shelter and obtain the necessary documents that would allow their reintegration in the society;
  8. “Coaches and mentors help you succeed!” of United Way Romania Foundation – a coaching and mentorship program helping 1,500 children and youth from poor communities complete studies and prepare themselves for their professional life.

People willing to donate are invited on www.fundatiatelekomromania.ro, Financing through donations section, where they can find out more information about the 8 projects involved and support them through donations.

Telekom Romania put at each organization’s disposal two donation lines, of 2, respectively 5 Euros and one SMS line of 2 Euros, where donations can be made throughout the fundraising campaign. The lines’ numbers for each campaign are available here.

About Telekom Romania Foundation

Telekom Romania Foundation is a non-profit organization, which supports different categories of people in special situations, social causes, and children with serious diseases, talented young people and answers to humanitarian appeals in case of natural disasters.

The Foundation aims at identifying, through direct interaction with employees and communities, the areas and social categories which need priority support and answering the real needs of these categories in due time.

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