Telekom Romania Foundation offers professional counseling sessions to scholarship holders within the "I want in the ninth grade" program developed by World Vision Romania

Over 100 high school students will also benefit from professional counseling in .the camp; In total, 457 scholarship "I want in the ninth grade" scholarship holders go to school camps

Between August 6-9, 117 scholarship holders from Dolj County were in Resiga Camp, in the mountain resort of Straja. This summer, all 457 scholarship holders of the I want in the ninth grade scholarship program ", developed by the World Vision Romania Foundation, have the chance to go with their colleagues on trips or educational camps to help them expand horizon of knowledge and learn new things.

This year, the experience of the 117 scholarship holders from Dolj was completed by the Telekom Romania Foundation, which offered children professional counseling sessions. The meetings were held by Anda Păcurar, a psychotherapist at the Telekom Romania Foundation, who worked with young people to develop teamwork skills and relationship and leadership skills. In addition to the professional counseling sessions, the Telekom foundation supported scholarship holders within the “I want in the ninth grade!” Program, the annual funding being 5,000 Euros.

"Building a professional identity is a long process, which sometimes involves many searches and possible failures. Therefore, it is important for students to understand as early as possible what their passions are, what skills they have and what skills they should develop in order to pursue the desired career. We are happy to be able to support the performance and to help these young people to discover themselves ", said Ionela Păunică, Executive Director, Telekom Romania Foundation and PR Expert, Telekom Romania.

The "I want in the ninth grade" camp was a unique opportunity for young scholarship holders. From the moment they arrive at the resort, the children enjoyed free activities and went hiking to get to know the surrounding areas better. For them, the real adventure began in the mountain park, where they could test their self-confidence and courage through height exercises, rock climbing and zip-lining. There were also cheerful evenings, with dancing and guitar songs, around the campfire.

 "We are proud to say that in 2018, the promotion of bursaries" I want in the ninth grade! " at the Baccalaureate exam it was 80% compared to 67.7% at national level, in rural areas. The camps "I want in the ninth grade!" is the best opportunity to reward and encourage the sustained efforts of young scholarship holders to successfully complete another school year. We are talking, in fact, about children living in isolated communities, where their parents do not have access to well-paid jobs and where the road to high school can mean the money that the family would use for their daily survival. said Gabriela Paleru, Director of Advocacy of the World Vision Romania Foundation.

"I am very happy because I had the opportunity to spend these days in the camp. I met wonderful people and learned a lot. Both the team games and the exercises in the mountain park and climbing helped me to overcome my fear of standing out. The fact that I managed to complete the exercises gave me a lot of confidence and showed me what it means to support the team. I took the professional counseling sessions very seriously because I really needed to get to know myself better and see what my strengths were. I asked questions that had preoccupied me for a long time and to which I now received an answer. This gave me a much clearer idea of ​​what I want to go for in the future and how important this decision is, ”Damaris, 16, told us.

About the "I want in the ninth grade" Program

The "I want in the ninth grade" program offers rural children with a precarious financial situation, but with good school results, the chance to continue their studies in high school. Scholars receive assistance and material support throughout the school year, depending on the intervention plan of each child. In addition to the monthly scholarship that partially or totally covers meals, accommodation, transportation, supplies and clothing, the program also provides them with access to educational and socializing activities, field trips and summer camps that facilitate socialization and develop communication and teamwork skills. good integration into the school environment.


About World Vision Romania

World Vision Romania believes in the right to equal opportunities for children in villages and the city and, therefore, in rural communities where it is present, conducts long-term community development programs with a focus on education and reducing school dropout, health and safety. child, agriculture and rural development, civic and Christian engagement. This facilitates children's access to better living conditions through the sustainable development of the community in which they live. His projects focus on transforming communities and their members, to achieve a fulfilling life for each child.


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World Vision Romania Foundation

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Gabriela Onofrei

Communication and PR Manager

World Vison Romania Foundation

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