Teimplici.ro Platform

Teimplici.ro is an online platform developed by Telekom Romania in 2014, in order to make heard the opinion of all community members interested in what is happening in society, to find out which are the major topics of interest and areas where the support of private environment is most necessary. In the first stage, 180 NGOs applied with projects in the 12 activity areas selected. As a result of the jury selection and public voting, Telekom Romania nominated the 10 winning projects of the programme Teimplici.ro, which benefited from total funding of almost 50,000 Euro. The winning projects of the 2014 edition can be found here https://www.telekom.ro/despre-noi/responsabilitate/implicare-sociala/teimplici/.

From the 180 projects submitted on the platform Teimplici.ro, Telekom Romania Foundation has chosen 11 projects to support in 2015.

  1. „Together for Romania’s athletes” developed by the Romanian Olympic Foundation. Through this project social pensions will be granted to 5 performance athletes diagnosed with severe diseases;
  2. „Heavy and dangerous labours in agriculture are NOT for me” developed by SOS Children Villages, in 4 poor villages from Bacău, and aims to prevent and fight against the exploitation of children through dangerous agriculture labours;
  3. “Green work” developed by Team Work Association in the Botanical Garden from Bucharest. Each Saturday from October and November, Telekom Romania employees participated at a voluntary programme that consisted of green space maintenance activities and assisting biologists in plant care;
  4. „Each child in kindergarten, PRESENT! Through technology” developed by Ovidiu Ro Association. The project has as purpose encouraging the access to education and preventing early school abandon. The general objective of the project is to facilitate access to preschool education and daily presence in kindergarten for all children in Romania coming from disadvantaged families;
  5. “The Recycling Patrol” developed by the Romania Association for Recycling RoRec, a project through which it is encouraged the collection of electric waste as a gesture of responsibility toward the environment and will be implemented with the help of the application DEEE Collect;
  6. „There is no excuse for abuse!” developed by Touched Romania Association. The project aims to raise community awareness about the scale of the phenomenon of domestic violence, to help at least 20 victims of domestic violence (women and their children) to recover from the crisis situation, to find a shelter where they can be safe, to obtain the necessary documents (medical certificate) and the social rights, the restriction order and to reintegrate in the society;
  7. „A mother for me too” developed by Bambini in Emergenza Foundation. The objective of the project is to find a “mother” (maternal assistant) for a number of 20 children living in the pilot Centre Andreea Damato, who can offer them affection and can provide a healthy and harmonious growth for them;
  8. „Developing abilities for children with autism” developed by Horia Moţoi Association. The project aims to improve through play social and imitation skills of children with autism spectrum disorders;
  9. „Be VoluKom - VOlunteer for a KOMplete worLD” developed by Hospice Casa Speranţei. The project has as objective the increase of awareness regarding the need of palliative care for children and adults diagnosed with incurable diseases from Brasov County;
  10. „Throw your phone!” developed by EcoStuff Association. A project of ecology education and promotion of the selective recycling concretized in an unconventional sports competition of throwing a mobile phone, which will be held outdoors, in Timisoara, and is addressed to all age groups;
  11. „Tutors and mentors teach you how to succeed!” developed by United Way Romania. Through this project 1,500 children and young people from poor communities are supported to finish school and to prepare for the professional life.

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