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Together for Romania’s athletes!

We all appreciate the sport performances with medals and the achievements of those who represent us abroad. Rarely we think about the difficult trainings and the long hours dedicated to sport, in order to represent Romania abroad and to gain the recognition we all wish for. We enjoy being filled with emotion every time the flag is up and we hear the national hymn, and we forget so quickly those people who made us live these moments and be proud of our country. In the context in which the majority of  former sportsmen do not receive the help they deserve and they need, Telekom Romania Foundation supports the project “Together for Romania’s athletes” developed by The Romanian Olympic Foundation and offers for a year, a financial support of 100 Euros/month to 5 ex-athletes with serious health problems.

  1. Beţiu Dumitru – Double medallist at the World Championships, multiple medals at various national and international World Cups at canoe kayak;
  2. Ganea Petre – Multiple national champion, gold medal at various national and international box competitions;
  3. Istrate Nicolae – Multiple national champion at fencing, coach and armorer;
  4. Stoichiţă Paul – Member of the national Olympic lot – multiple medallist at the European Championships, and national and international weightlifting competitions;
  5. Vladescu Ioan – Multiple national champion at wrestling and 1st category coach for performance groups of children and youth.







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