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Run for children with autism at Brasov International Marathon

Via Telekom Romania Foundation, the taxes raised at the 5 km race, but also 10% from the value of the competitive races (marathon, relay, half marathon and 10 km), were donated to cover the expenses necessary for the therapy sessions for 10 children with autism, beneficiaries of the Association „Cristal children”.

Starting with 2008, Telekom Romania Foundation supports different individual cases of children and adults with serious diseases, develops campaigns for children protection, education and environment and intervenes in case of natural disasters. This time, Telekom Romania Foundation chose to join children and young people with autism coming from families with low incomes, who cannot afford to cover the costs of recovery through the types of therapies necessary for their integration in the education system and society.

The story of the Association “Cristal Children” started in 2006, at the initiative of a group of parents whose children were diagnosed with autism and other related disorders. The association and the Centre for Evaluation, Rehabilitation through Specialised Therapy for Disorders from the Autism spectrum, Down Syndrome, Asperger Syndrome, and ADHD were born from the desire and the necessity to offer children, young people and adults with autism the chance to benefit from social assistance services and specialised therapy, services that are not offered by the public assistance system guaranteed by the Romanian State. The team of therapists consists of 22 professionals in fields like psyhopedagogy, clinic psychology and kinesiotherapy. The whole activity of the association is oriented towards the recovery of the children’s potential and the harnessing of their vocation. More details about the services offered by the association you can find on the website www.copiiidecristal.ro.

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