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Child looking for time to spend with my parents

Launched in 2010, the campaign pointed out the lack of time and communication in the relationship between parents and children.

The study that represented the basis of this campaign showed that:

  • Only 1 of 4 children spend more than 5 hours with their parents in a weekend day;
  • The parents of 38% of the children only rarely play with them or never, even though this activity is mentioned as the most important need of the children in their relationship with the adults;
  • The most important subjects that children want to discuss with their parents are school (27%), future plans (10%), problems, feelings and wishes (9%);  
  • The little ones speak rarely or never to their parents about their plans (31%), feelings (26%) or their problems (16%);
  • Parents are by far the most valued models for them;
  • There are considerable differences between children expectations about common activities with their parents and the reality.

More than an awareness campaign, we actively supported families by launching a platform with advices for parents and teachers, which benefited from the expertise of the psychotherapist  Anda Păcurar, specialized in infantile therapy, who offered assistance to all those interested during the campaign.  

"Most of the adults today are too preoccupied to be good, responsible parents, who offer a lot, but forget to pay attention to what their child wants to receive. And they cannot find out this if they do not spend active time with them, if they don’t have the patience to let them ask questions. The child needs to spend separate time with each parent and time with both parents. And when this cannot happen, the child needs adults with whom to create significant relationships. From his/her birth the child permanently wants to connect to others, because this is how he started his life connected to his mother for 9 months. When he does not succeed in connecting to his parents, he looks for that in other people and when he is discouraged, he is convinced that he is not good enough to be taken into consideration”, stated Anda Pacurar, psychotherapist.

The campaign received the excellence award at the competition Romanian PR Award.

More details about the campaign you can find here: http://www.timpimpreuna.ro/.

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