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I am a child and I need protection! Heavy and dangerous work in agriculture are NOT for me!

It is a project developed together with SOS Children Villages, in 4 poor villages from Bacau County, and aims to prevent and fight against the exploitation of the children through heavy and dangerous agriculture works.

According to the social assistants from the Centre for Counselling and Support for Children, in Bacau there are cases of children abused through heavy works, because of the poverty and other social and health problems that the families are going through, but these cases are not reported to the authorities.

That is why, there is a stringent need to take measures and to initiate a campaign that should draw the attention towards these cases, a campaign to educate the parents to face these difficult situations without exploiting their own children through heavy works and to support their children to go to school.

The project will take place during August 2015 – April 2016, in the villages Blăgeşti, Racova, Gîrleni and Hemeiuş.





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