Telekom announces the "Media, sure! But secure." international competition for digital projects

  • The competition Media, sure! But secure. is part of the Teachtoday initiative, a Deutsche Telekom program;
  • Projects from all countries in Europe promoting the safe use of digital media amongst children aged 9 to 12 can enter the competition;
  • Application deadline: September, 15th, 2015.

Telekom Romania announces the Media, sure! But secure. competition, part of the Teachtoday initiative, a program developed by Deutsche Telekom. Educational professionals who developed a project aimed at children aged 9 to 12 that address safe online behavior and learning with digital media can enter the competition. The main purpose of the competition is to offer teachers, social workers and other educational workers a platform where they can exchange experience in the field of digital education.

Projects that take part in the competition should fall in one of the two categories: “Learning with Digital Media” or “Safe Media Use”. The project can be held at schools or be part of extracurricular programs. The application deadline is September 15th, 2015 and the winners will be announced in November 2015.

The competition has a specific characteristic due to the fact that all participants are winners and will receive a tool kit on the integration of digital media into the curriculum and everyday learning. A jury formed by experts in media education, professors and scientist will select the best projects that will receive the following prizes: two worth 500 Euros, two worth 300 Euros and two worth 100 Euros. In addition, the projects will be featured as a best practice example at the German “Summit for Kids” in fall 2015. The decision will be based on a range of criteria, including suitability for daily use or sustainability.

The applications can be submitted in English or German using the online form. The applicants are required to describe the objectives and results of the project and describe how the project could be replicated by others. With the application form, additional materials such as videos, photos etc. can be submitted.

The projects that enter the Media, sure! But secure. competition should promote methods through which children can learn to use digital media in a safe way and develop sustainable learning habits. At present time, teachers and professors are trying to incorporate digital media into their curriculum and social programs. They are developing media competency projects to show their students how to use digital media securely. However, most of these projects are not very visible in the education system. Through the Media, sure! But secure. competition these projects can be visible.  

Additional information regarding the Media, sure! But secure. competition are available on the TeachToday platform.

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