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Sport is good Run – First Edition, 2014

The first edition of the charity race “Sport is good” took place on July 19th, during the event “The biggest sports hour”, which reached the fourth edition.

Besides the dozens of sports demonstrations held by national and international instructors, sports lovers were invited to participate in a race with obstacles and to support families having children diagnosed with cancer.

With the funds raised Telekom Romania Foundation supported 24 children from Fundeni Hospital, who benefited of medicines available only abroad and their families could not afford to buy them.

“Sports is good” is a campaign which promotes health through sports and a balanced diet, launched by Dolce Sport in 2011. "Sports is good” became a platform that supported and developed dozens of events since its launch.  

The main event conducted under the umbrella of this campaign is “The biggest sports hour”, an open air event, organized annually in Bucharest, Brasov and Mamaia, during 12 hours of sports demonstrations, such as: Kangoo Jumps, Zumba, Khai Bo, X-Tempo, Steel Programs, StrikeZone, Freestyler, Cardio Fat Burning, Jumping, Summer Abs Training, Boot Camp, TRX, Football and many others.

We are aware of the role that sport plays in the health and development of society. The studies of the World Health Organization show that over 50% of men and 45% of women are overweight, and an Eurostat study from 2009 shows that two thirds of the deaths in the EU are caused by circulatory diseases and cancer. The heart attack and other circulation diseases cause 41% of all deaths. Circulatory diseases include diseases related to high cholesterol, diabetes and smoking. The results of these studies determined us to promote a mass movement that encourages sport and a healthy lifestyle.

In 2014 only, during the events “The biggest sports hour”, 600 people were evaluated for free. Approximately 50 people were identified with health problems and were directed to specialist doctors.

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The biggest sports hour in Bucharest – 2014

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