Career counselling and vocational guidance

Choosing a job is a difficult decision with a major impact on your professional future.


Many times we are in the situation where we want to make a change to our professional life or for various reasons we are compelled to change our jobs.


In any of these cases, the directions we must head to or the decisions we must take are not at all easy, especially if our previous experience was not exactly the right one and we want to avoid it. We need specialized guidance in order to avoid wrong choices, failures, weak performances, abandonment or demotivation, which all lead to depression. The right choice at the right moment has more chances for a safe investment in our professional future and in other resources.


We are here to help you get over this impasse easier and to increase the chances to find an appropriate job according to your aspirations and your professional training, to the labour offer existing on the local market, but not the least, a job according to your abilities. Through the career counselling and vocational guidance, Telekom Romania Foundation offers specialized support to the people interested in choosing and changing their job, identifying the right specialization, adapting to the new requirements of the market, professional reorientation and any other problems related to profession.


Who we target?

  • Youngsters and adults searching for a professional identity;
  • Youngsters and adults with disabilities;
  • Youngsters and adults from social protection system;
  • People willing to discover their potential;
  • People who want professional reorientation and optimization;
  • Disfavoured professional categories;
  • Immigrants, people released from prisons and in search of a job;
  • Unemployed people and people staying at home and in search of a job.


What we want?

  • To identify the personality features, abilities and general (intelligence) and specific capabilities (attention, skills);
  • To identify the motivation and experience of participants;
  • To correlate the individual profile, both with a personal development plan (knowledge development courses, abilities, competences, accreditations), and with the requirements of the current labour market or even the development opportunities through independent and business activities.


How we apply models?

  • Specialized questionnaires (e.g.: Holland Self-Directed Search test), which suggests the way in which people make professional choices and explains the way in which the vocational satisfaction is manifested;
  • Worksheets related to the awareness of their own interests, abilities etc.;
  • Making own SWOT analysis;
  • Making job descriptions from the targeted activity domain;

-        Presentation of examples of occupations related to courses with presentation of skills and personality traits required;

  • Applying some psycho-skills evaluation test of the personality, in groups or individually;
  • Making the individual professional counselling sheets, for the targeted group, on the results obtained at the tests and formulating the recommendations for participation to training courses.



Which are the phases?

  • Identifying skills, interests and competences;
  • Evaluation of the vocational development level, through specific methodological procedures according to the tested skills and specific instruments;

-        Developing vocational profile based on skills, competencies, interests, psycho-physical characteristics, performance and previous failures, results obtained from applied test;-        Identifying the direction of vocational development, taking into account the skills, motivation, educational level, sphere of interest, goals set on short, medium and long term, and the psycho-physical characteristics and socio-cultural context;

  • Elaboration of the professional integrated plan and its revision any time it is necessary, taking into account the competences acquired, the psycho-physical abilities, the labour market offers and the objectives on short, medium and/or long term.


What you win?

  • Self-trust;
  • Skills awareness;
  • Interest, wishes and professional aspiration awareness;
  • Specialized professional guidance;
  • An appropriate job according to your skills, which will bring you satisfaction and will motivate you.


Who offers counselling?


Anda Păcurar, psychotherapist certified by the European Association of Psychotherapy (EAP)


Specialities: psychotherapist, counsellor, trainer and supervisor



  • Over 11 years of experience in both in Romania and abroad, through training programs in Ireland, Germany, The Netherlands, United Kingdom and Slovakia;
  • Member of IPPA, FRP, COPSI, NASAP, EAP;
  • Psychotherapy and counselling children, teenagers and adults for different social problems, relational, emotional, professional and career orientation;
  • Training and counselling for the consultants of the Child’s Telephone;
  • Career guidance counselling in the project „Socio-economic development through founding social enterprises”;
  • Counselling and supervision in the European Commission’s program “Strengthening Children’s Voices in EU Society through Child Helpline”;
  • Counselling in the project POSDRU ”MOM-UP”, the network of pilot centres for counselling moms in difficult situations;
  • Training courses in Bucharest and in the country addressed to specialists, parents, people interested in their personal development and interested to learn new methods of working with children, teenagers and adults;
  • Courses for parents regarding positive education, discipline without punishment, encouraging, improving emotional and behavioural difficulties;
  • Trainer at the Institute of Adlerian Psychology and Psychotherapy.


What is the first step we recommend you?


Write to us at the e-mail address fundatia@telekom.ro and we will contact you to set the details.


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