Over 40,000 lei collected by the Telekom Romania Foundation for the benefit of two social causes

The third edition of the Brasov International Marathon, powered by Telekom Romania, was not only an opportunity to bring together over 2,500 people in sports competitions, but also to support two social causes for which over 40,000 people were collected lei.

Over 20,000 lei were raised for the benefit of children and adults with serious illnesses, money that will be donated in full through the Telekom Romania Foundation. All fees collected following the registration of participants in the 5.7km race, but also 15% of the value of participation fees in the other races will be donated to HOSPICE Casa Speranţei.

Also, the second social cause supported was the initiative "Along with Andrei". For raising funds necessary to perform, abroad, a prosthetic operation of the right leg, a 38-year-old boy who suffered a car accident with the support of 23 fundraisers, through the Galantom platform, 22,530 lei were collected from approximately 300 donations.

In total, over 40,000 lei were raised by combining the passion for movement and the desire to help those in suffering.

The Brasov International Marathon has become emblematic for three fundamental things. First of all, for transformation. We know that, until recently, in Romania, sport was perceived as rather something eccentric. By supporting this international event, we want to prove that sport is a natural activity for any of us. Also, the Brasov International Marathon is about the desire to promote globally the tourist potential of a wonderful local community. Last but not least, it is about giving hope. The fact that in this year's edition we managed to support two social causes is the sign that good happens when people collaborate, said Ruxandra Voda, President of the Telekom Romania Foundation.

The sports event, approved by AIMS, the most important international forum in the field, managed this year to achieve its objectives: to promote a lifestyle that does not lack movement, to highlight the tourist potential of Brasov and to support the activity of some social causes, such as that of HOSPICE Casa Speranței, an organization that takes care of children and adults diagnosed with incurable diseases, but also of a social case that urgently needs support from those around to perform the operation.

2,500 athletes of all ages ran in the third edition of the Brasov International Marathon, powered by Telekom Romania and organized by the Seven Stairs Association and SmartAtletic. More than 100 foreign runners from 21 countries took part, including: USA, Canada, Italy, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Netherlands, Turkey, France, Poland, Ireland, Russia, Chile , Republic of Moldova.

More details about the May 20-21 event are available on the website www.maratonulbrasov.ro and on the Facebook page www.facebook.com/maratonulbrasov

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