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The first graduates of the "Psychology at the workplace" program

Do you remember your first job? With certainty you were still in college or have just graduated. You did not know what to choose, what to expect, how to behave and if the direction you were headed was correct. No one prepared you in advance for this step, your professional future seemed unknown and uncertain.

With Telekom Romania Foundation support, students from the Faculty of Electronics, Engineering in Foreign Languages, Automation and Agronomy had the opportunity to enroll in the "Psychology at the workplace" program, which helped them identify which is the right personal development ways to follow, to choose a job, according to their professional training, and to be prepared for the demands of a professional environment.

The five sessions of the information and guidance in career courses were held during 24th of November 2016 – 19th of January 2017, by Anda Pacurar, European certificated psychotherapist, who managed, together with the students, to discover new thinks about themselves and the professional way they can follow.

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