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The first “digital tree” with Wi-Fi connectivity in Romania, available in Telekom Romania’s portfolio

  • Telekom Romania and Smart Sun Solutions have “planted” in Timișoara the first digital tree in Romania – solar charger for mobile devices providing Wi-Fi internet connection;
  • Strawberry Tree is the first solar energy-based public charger in the world designed for mobile devices.   

Telekom Romania continues to invest in developing innovative solutions by introducing, starting from this month, in its portfolio of wireless solutions for business customers the Strawberry Tree system, a solar charger designed for mobile devices, which also provides Wi-Fi internet connection. The pilot project was launched, together with Smart Sun Solutions, as a premiere on the Romanian market, at the end of last year, in Timisoara. Strawberry Tree is very suited to be “planted” in parks, on terraces and open air restaurants or commercial areas, fitting perfectly in the setting.  

Strawberry Tree is the first solar energy-based public charger in the world designed for mobile devices, making the most of the benefits that renewable energy sources offer in crowded public spaces.

”The tree” can be used for charging mobile phones, tablets, laptops, multimedia players, while providing free Wi-Fi internet to the users from the public areas. The internet connection is based on 3G or 4G technology, depending on the coverage, having an approximately 10 meters reach. The system’s rechargeable batteries store the energy and provide 14 days Strawberry Tree autonomy. The internet connection is made by selecting the Strawberry Tree access point, with no need for user name or password registration.

The system is already available in the Children’s Park in Timisoara, after Timisoara City Hall acquired the solution. The “tree” allows the simultaneous charging of up to 16 devices, and has a an annual capacity of up to 840,000 charges of 10 minutes.. Further details about the system’s functioning are available here.

In addition to the innovative concept, the Strawberry Tree technology is an environmental-friendly one, observing the environmental legislation and regulations for an efficient approach from energetic point of view in the constructions field. The equipment has an eco design and a neutral carbon impact on the planet, while ensuring a friendly, comfortable and inspiring working and leisure environment.

Across Europe there are another 12 Strawberry Tree platforms installed in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Telekom Romania wireless solutions portfolio for the fix segment dedicated to business customers include: HotZone (a service addressing especially the HoReCa segment) and Global Corporate Access (GCA) - launched in premiere in Romania in the last fall, which allows companies to connect to over 1.8 million hotspots in over 120 countries – and, starting this month, the Strawberry Tree technology.

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