Telekom Romania offers family doctors and pharmacists customized bundles with health card readers included

  • The health card readers in Telekom offer are provided to new subscribers from the medical and pharmaceutical industry along with the integrated bundles
  • The devices are validated by CNAS and compatible with the national informational system for the administration of the health cards.

Telekom Romania launched integrated services bundles dedicated to family doctors and pharmacists. The offer includes two types of card readers validated by the Ministry of Health and CNAS, which the company provides for free to the new subscribers from the medical and pharmaceutical industry, included in integrated bundles with fix and mobile voice services, fix and mobile internet, plus various equipment (wireless modem, smart phones or tablets), depending on the type of subscription.

„Based on the one-stop-shop philosophy, Telekom Romania offers its business customers a full range of fix and mobile telecom services, all the IT equipment needed for the business and the specific maintenance services and any software solution designed to increase companies’ efficiency and productivity. Our goal is to provide the best experience for our customers through innovative products and easy to access services, and this bundle integrates the needs of doctors and pharmacists who are not assigned to the large health networks, taking into account that starting from April the use of health cards will become mandatory as part of the extensive Romanian medical system informational program," says Ovidiu Ghiman, Chief Commercial Officer, Business Segment, Telekom Romania operations.

HID Omnikey 3821 and ACR83 PINeasy health cards readers are offered depending on the type of subscription. Thus, for a 21 euro monthly subscription, VAT excluded, signed for a period of 36 months, customers benefit from fix voice services (with unlimited traffic on Telekom network, 100 minutes on national networks, fix and mobile, and internationally in zone 1), internet connection (up to 10 Mbps download speed), mobile voice subscription (unlimited traffic on Telekom network, 400 minutes on other national and international networks, 400 national SMS, 400 MB data traffic), ACR83 PINeasy card reader, and Samsung Galaxy Trend S7390 Black terminal. The offer is available in other four versions, with rates ranging between 20 euro and 31.4 euro/month.  

Anyone who is interested in the offer may require additional information from the Telekom sales consultants dedicated to the respective companies/ institutions, or may call 1234 (free of charge on network) or 021 404 12 34 (regular tariff from other networks).



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