About the Foundation

Telekom Romania Foundation is a non-profit organization, which supports different categories of people in special situations, social causes, children with serious diseases, talented young people and answers to humanitarian calls in case of natural disasters.

This foundation represents the link between Telekom Romania and the communities in which the brand operates.

Telekom Romania Foundation continues the projects and the initiatives of the Foundation Romtelecom for Romanians, launched in 2008, through which it supported different social, humanitarian, educational, environmental projects and campaigns for natural disasters.

The foundation aims to identify, through direct interaction with the employees and the communities, the areas and the social categories that primarily need support and to answer their real needs in due time.

Our mission

The activity of the Foundation is based on and reflects the values of Telekom. We are operating in a field that can help a country evolve – the field of technology.  Projects, businesses and even lives and the future of some people or companies depend on our services. We are actively involved both in identifying opportunities, and in solving difficult social situations that can occur in communities.

Our vision

Our vision is to give individuals the right attention and to better understand the communities in which we operate. We want to contribute to the welfare of the communities we are part of and we are doing this by helping through efficient actions children and adults with serious diseases, disadvantaged people. Some of these actions promote the rights of children, innovation and talented young people, and others aim to protect the environment and overcome difficult situations in case of natural disasters.

Our values

We are part of the community, we believe and promote value as: respect, integrity, cooperation, encouraging development and innovation through commitment and personal example.



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